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ZAO has developed formulas 100% from natural origin* enriched with active organic ingredients to delicately beautify your skin. Let the dazzling colours and textures, the extraordinary combination of comfort and long-lasting hold seduce you. Enjoy this innovative product in its modern, yet classy and natural presentation: bamboo.


INNOVATIVE & NATURAL: To make ZAO an innovative makeup line in every stage of its conception, we have chosen a natural packaging: bamboo, for its elegance and modernity. All trees store carbon, but the exceptional speed of growth of bamboo makes it a carbon capture champion throughout its life cycle. As a carbon storage material, it allows ZAO to a very satisfying carbon footprint - in other words: ecological sophistication.

COHERENT & REGENERATING: With a mind to combine make-up efficiency (colors, lasting, rendering...) and respect of your skin, we use innovative natural and organic ingredients with specific properties. We have for example two families of original and beneficial ingredients that are used in all our formulas ***:

- Organic silica: The human body contains about seven grams of silica, far more than any other mineral including iron (and silica is the second component of the earth's crust with a 28% share after oxygen with 47%).

An essential quality of silica is that it allows the body to efficiently absorb and assimilate minerals and vitamins. The connective tissue of the human body (cell wall) is composed of collagen and elastin. These molecules need silica, which, however, is no longer synthesised from an age of about twenty.

An external supply is needed especially for the skin. For this reason, most of the products in the ZAO range contain organic silica.

- Micronised bamboo stem powder (all powders, concealer, gloss…)

- Organic bamboo leaves hydrosol (fluid foundation, eye liner,…)

- Organic bamboo rhizome oil (compact foundation)

Micronised silver powder: Almost all products in the  ZAO range (except the two lip balms and the nail polishes) contain micro-particles of pure silver (a natural preservative). These micro-particles of pure silver are antiseptic (especially on skin and mucous membranes) and antibacterial as well, thereby preserving the product and protecting the skin. Microsilver is really useful for sensitive even atopic skins.



 ZAO answers 6 absolute requirements:

-  To be innovative…packaging and formula are developed from Bamboo.

-  To be ethical…respect of men and animals (« Cruelty Free certification ») is guaranteed at every production stage.

-  To be natural… the whole range is 100% natural and certified organic* (Cosmébio label) by Ecocert the French organic registration body.

-  To be durable… innovative refill system makes every product ecological and economical,

-  To be sensual…smooth and feminine pack design, nice cotton pouch, gorgeous and luminous colors...

-  To be coherent… Zao is offering beauty of bamboo outside (through bamboo pack) and benefits of bamboo inside (bamboo extracts in formulas).


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